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Dave realised that his future lay in music since thieving his parents copy of Revolver by The Beatles at the age of 6 and playing it until it wouldn't play anymore!

Starting off by playing keyboards (a Bon-tempi being a particularly fond favourite!) and graduating to guitar at age 15 which he found impossibly hard until he tried it upside down! After playing for a year or two in a legendary school band (aren't they all!), Dave tried his hand at writing songs, there were two apparently and they were both shit!

After acquiring a Fostex four track recorder things started to get a little more interesting and the songs were a lot more frequent and a little less shit.

After that Dave formed a band with bassist Paul Seaman. It was promising but a bit jazz funk!

When the pretentions of the band wore thin, Dave and Paul started a new band with singer Ash Bull and after a couple of weeks, drummer Wookie.

This band went through many changes and became Kid Galahad a few years back.
They got signed, had records released, good reviews (NME single of the week being a highlight), and the songs were now not shit!
3 EP's, 3 albums including a movie soundtrack followed.

Then this band of four decided that they wanted a new start after various silly things occurred and became The Furze!

Which brings us pretty much up to date.

Dave realised at this point that he had a lot of songs. Some were intended for the band but a lot were just songs that happened to appear while strumming or keying or typing or whatever!

"Geen" is the resulting 10 track debut from Dave containing songs written, produced and recorded over the last few years and finally compiled at the beginning of 2007.

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GEEN - Catchy, Upbeat, Melodic, Power-pop

GEEN - The debut album from Dave Ody

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