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History Of Guns - Album 4

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History Of Guns - Album 4

Welcome to the fourth album from post-industrial mavericks History Of Guns, 'Whatever You Do, Don't Turn Up At Twelve'.

Post-industrial?! What kind of made up genre is that?! (I hear you asking.)

It's our opinion that genres in music these days matter less and less. As everything influences everything else, in years to come everything will be just one genre, 'stuff'.

To that end History Of Guns either are or have been a mixture of: electronica, punk, industrial, ambient, rock, dance, goth, not to mention several one-off explorations in all kinds of musical directions. This album adds some metal and maybe even some disco to the melting pot… (they're saving polka for the next album)

Album Four picks up from where Album Three (ACEDIA) left off, and ends up somewhere very different. It's a musical journey… it's about life and death and all of that.

History Of Guns have always been the kind of band that polarise opinion. Shambolic, yet carefully crafted at the same time. People couldn’t always tell when drum machines broke down and went out of time whether that was actually intentional or not… And was their lo-fi punk Spice Girls rip-off, 'Slice Up Your Wife' really mixed like that on purpose?

History Of Guns would like to assure you that everything is intentional, even the mistakes.

The album is a free MP3 download, or there's a collectable CD digipack available at:

If you enjoy the free music, and would to buy the band a pint… (but please don't feel obligated) please click here:

Track List

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  1. Kicking Down The Doors
  2. Friday Night, After Work
  3. I.C.E.
  4. Who Controls You?
  5. These Are The Walls
  6. Cold Coma
  7. These Songs
  8. Closing Down This Reality
  9. Departure, Journey, Arrival
  10. Anthem 23 (Follow The Fiend)
  11. Incarnates

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