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Xykogen - The Beggar And The Fountain

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Xykogen - The Beggar And The Fountain

Xykogen have clearly gone insane. There's commendably not rehashing previous band tropes and then there's THIS. Genuinely impossible to describe - I mean, I'm supposed to be writing the bloody press release here, and I've got nothing but tears for my efforts if I'm honest. The soundtrack to my total meltdown however is genuinely epic. Proper Industrial? Post Rock? Acid House Dropped on it`s head at Birth? - I have no fucking idea. It`s 3AM Eternal and David Lynch is having an argument with Andy Weatherall. Xykogen. The last band you hear before you give up writing press releases and get a proper job.

Track List

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  1. 2042
  2. Howl
  3. Da'ath of B'riah
  4. In Character
  5. Union
  6. Abbaton Eheieh
  7. Stabilising Force
  8. Remain Linked

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