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Zero State Media - Upload 2011

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Zero State Media - Upload 2011

Zero State Media is the publishing wing of the new futurist movement Zero State. UPLOAD 2011 is a free audio compilaton featuring the work of members and associates of Zero State.
It's been a joy to put together. Hope you like it as much as I do! - max rael

All individual track copyright
retained by original artists
This compilation 2011 - Zero State Media

Front cover artwork by Howard Gardner
Back cover artwork by Chris Clarkson
Mastered by Total Saturation

Track List

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  1. Zero State - Amon Zero
  2. What's Wrong - Kommand + Kontrol
  3. Consequence - DeathBoy
  4. Megacube (Spucktute remix) - Non-Bio
  5. Deaths A Cummin - Jesus Hooligan
  6. 2042 - Xykogen
  7. Time For Evolution 0.1 - LXPK
  8. Bright Morning (pre-emptive strike) - temp0rary
  9. Ukele Fragments (errata) - Stuart Boldt
  10. Sad - NAME
  11. Interface - Alan Dobson
  12. The Fall - Prompter
  13. Divide By Zero - I am Immune
  14. Credit Crunch Blues - Bleak
  15. Bridging The Gap - One Love Sound System
  16. Gate-Beyond - Kynesis
  17. Blockhead - Rural War Room
  18. Self-Soothe Mechanism - raelism

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