Line Out Records

Things are looking Bleak*

Are you ready for the blues? We've added a new band to the Line Out roster, that band is Bleak:

Bleak play the sort of alt.blues that can melt through bank vaults. Heavy, brutal, primal, direct, and yet sublimely beautiful, it drags you by your throat from the plantations of the 1860s Deep South via the jails and chain gangs of the Great Depression and throws you face down among burning remains and charred corpses of the Rhythm Night Club, Natchez Mississippi. They tried to sell their souls to the devil at the crossroads, but he couldn’t afford them, so they are going to give you a piece for free instead.

Bleak have just completed a series of live dates
across the Deep South, culminating with a triumphant show at Don Hill's Club in New York.

They are working on their first album now.

Go give them a listen:

* sorry, couldn't resist that title.

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