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Line Out Net Radio is radio, but on the net. We play music by Line Out bands and bands who have nothing to do with Line Out, so pretty much anything (decent) really.

There's two type of shows on the menu, 'Stream on demand' shows which are pre-recorded shows you can listen to any time you like by clicking on the 'Listen Now' buttons below. 'Scheduled Shows' are live shows that you need to tune into while they are being streamed, if we are streaming a show there will be an icon on this page telling you about it!

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Stream On Demand

You can listen to these any time you like. Just click 'Listen Now' to hear the show.

Show   Bitrate  
18/08/2007 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 9Playlist112 KBPSListen Now
13/05/2007 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 8Playlist112 KBPSListen Now
06/03/2007 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 7Playlist112 KBPSListen Now
16/12/2006 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 6Playlist112 KBPSListen Now
02/12/2006 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 5Playlist112 KBPSListen Now
07/10/2006 Basic principles of FuturepunkPlaylist112 KBPSListen Now
05/08/2006 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 4Playlist96 KBPSListen Now
18/06/2006 Bob Plays Tunes Episode 3Playlist96 KBPSListen Now


No shows scheduled


These are the playlists from the scheduled shows/pre-recorded shows only.