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Bleak - …For the Good of the Nation

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Bleak - For the Good of the Nation

Line Out Records are finally unleashing Bleak's long awaited debut album …For The Good Of The Nation (released on Saturday 30th April 2011).

After building up a fearsome reputation on the London live circuit, the Anglo-Afro-Russian death.blues four piece Bleak signed to Line Out Records some time ago but the wait for their debut release has been so long that some wags have even dubbed it ‘Chechen Democracy’. Unlike Axl Rose however, they have emerged from their descent into madness not with an overblown folly but with a gritty debut to match the punch of Rose's own, which looks set to cause a musical seismic shift of a size equivalent to democracy actually coming to the Chinese.

Rumour has it that the band conducted dark rituals during the protracted recording process in order to gain inspiration for this album, and if that's true then it's been the most productive Faustian pact since Robert Johnson's infamous trip to a crossroads at midnight. This is the most thrilling debut alt blues record yet this century, and swiftly and brutally silences those critics who have prematurely read the last rites for rock and roll in 2011.

Bleak the sort of band that will punch you viciously in the gut with their music while at the same time making you fall in love with them so that you can't stop coming back to let them hurt you all over again, and for a generation who've been spoonfed homogenised pop stars from a reality TV production line while being sold down the river by politicians it's some long overdue good news.

Welcome to the bleak house.

For the Good of the Nation is available from the following online retailers:

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The only way you can currently purchase a physical copy of the album is when you see us live. So you should. We'll even sign it for you. In blood if you like.

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